Gordon Monahan
"Resonant Platinum Records"
Gordon Monahan, born in 1956 in Kingston, Canada, lives in Berlin. From 1968-73, rock musician in different bands in Ottawa. From 1974-76, physics studies at the University of Ottawa. From 1976-89, piano and composition studies at Mount Allison University. Since 1978, multimedia sound installations and performances with loudspeakers, videos, kinetic sculptures and piano. From 1981-83, Monahan studied with John Cage and closely collaborated with David Tudor. As a pianist, interpreter of many works by John Cage, James Tenney and Udo Kasemets. In the 1990s, developed multi-functional computer-controlled sound machines built from electronic surplus and industrial trash. Collaboration with Laura Kikauka and Bastiaan Maris. Founded the underground club “Schmalzwald” in Berlin, and was e-organist in the band “Fuzzy Love”. Artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Exploratorium (San Francisco), DAAD (Berlin), Western Front (Vancouver), Podewil (Berlin).