singuhr — 2014
Raul Keller
(born 1973)

Tallinn Art Academy MA, 2002
Tallinn University BA, 1999

Engaged in a multitude of contemporary art practices, focusing on site-specific sound installation, performance, free improvisation, DIY culture, video- and radiophonic art, photography. Sound performances and radio art with LokaalRaadio (with Katrin Essenson, Hello Upan). Member of Eesti Elekter, experimental electronics performance group (with Taavi Kerikmäe, Tõnis Leemets, Maike Lond, Heikki Tikas, Kalle Tikas). Performing as Paul Cole with his group The Great Outdoors, in burlesque americana rock. Founding member of MKDK, A Dynamic Collective of Music and Arts. Founder of radio art festival Radiaator (with Katrin Essenson). Works commissioned/performances in Great Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, The Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Residing in Tallinn, Estonia.

Solo exhibitions

2013 Notes, scribblings, Malonijoi 6, Vilnius (LT)
2012 Symbolistica, Weltecho Gallery, Chemnitz (DE)
2012 KLANG!, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn?2009 Me tuleme kaugelt / We Come From Afar, CD, MKDK Records

Group Exhibitions

2013 Out of Sync: Looking Back at The History of Sound Art, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn
2013 100 Years of the MIMproject - The Life and Work of Manfred MIM, 1920-2020, Tallinn Art Hall
2012 The Exotic, Tallinn Art Hall
2012 Museum Files, EKKM, Tallinn
2011 Tuned City Tallinn, Estonia
2011 LIFT11, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 International Radio Art Festival Radiaator, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
2010 Positions and Confrontations, Szcezcin (PL)
2010 The Trip, Riga Airport, Riga (LV)
2009 TDK, EKKM, Tallinn, Estonia
2009 Hero Of Our Time, Cesis Art Festival, Cesis (LV)
2008 L'Art en Europe, Pommery, Reims (FRA)
2007 Arrivals, Turner Contemporary (Margate), Modern Art Oxford (UK)
2007 New Wave, Tallinn Art Hall
2006 Empty Spaces And Their Occupants, Manege, St. Petersburg, (RUS)
2006 Big Science, satellite exhibition of Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Hobusepea Galerii, Tallinn
2005 Radio Days, Amsterdam (NL)

Selected projects

2013 Notes, scribblings, photographic prints, mural, sound installation
2012 Symbolistica, sound performances with LokaalRaadio (collaboration by Hello Upan) in Vilnius (LV), Tallinn, Chemnitz (DE) at SoundExchange project
2012 Process, installation, prints, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn
2012 ACTA I, installation, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn
2011 Torpedoes Out, site-specific sound installation, Kalasadam, Tallinn
2011 Girl in Sewer, site-specific installation, Tallinn
2011 Some Mink, rock opera (as Paul Cole), Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
2011 The End Of A Garden, (with Erkki Luuk), radio piece, WIRE compilation Estonian Music Now
2010 Paul Cole & The Great Outdoors, performances, Tallinn, Pärnu, Vilnius (LT), Szcezcin (PL), Berlin (DE)
2010 Black Music Box, site-specific installation, Riga Airport (LV)
2010 Peep Show, site-specific installation, Estonian Museum of Art (KUMU),Tallinn
2009 Attraction 1 & 2, site-specific sound installation, EKKM, Tallinn
2009 Trip To Nowhere, music (with Hello Upan, Martin Pedanik) for performance piece by Jasper Zoova, Pärnu
2009 Me tuleme kaugelt / We come From Afar, CD, installation
2009 The Storm Hits, CD (as Paul Cole)
2009 Brewing, sitespecific installation, Cesis (LT)
2008 Ping, Welcome, sitespecific installations, Pommery, Reims (FR)
2007 Project Unison, Air / Õhk, CD, performance in Waterplane Hangars, Tallinn
2007 Reflector, sitespecific sound installation, Tallinn
2007 Margate Beach, sitespecific sound installation, Margate (UK)
2006 Engaging a Satellite into Contemplation on Remote Control, radio piece, Radio Festival Epsilonia FM, Paris, (FRA)
2006 Compact Disc Revolution Revisited, soundpiece, Rael Artel Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2006 Discreet Pleasures of Romantism, video
2005 Trichtlinnburg, video, performances in Tallinn, Maastricht (NL)
2005 Jammer Station, radio performance at Radiodays, De Appel Centre for Contemporary Arts, Amsterdam, (NL)


2012 Project Unison Mahuti / Tank
2009 Me tuleme kaugelt / We Come From Afar
2009 The Storm Hits (as Paul Cole)
2007 Project Unison Õhk / Air